It is really too bad I cannot choose to dream about A strawberry ice cream cone   Dreams choose us and then They float away One by one Suddenly   Then it is you Under layers of days and nights Breathing heavily To find some air To live your life To create a dream By which you can claim […]

On “My Valentine’s Tale”

I already regret doing this as I think a poem can be interpreted in different ways and that is the mystery of it. Otherwise, if you need to explain your poem, the poem is either not a good one or it is open to different interpretations as is the last stanza of the poem below. […]

My Valentine’s Tale

The city is covered With the preemptive promise of A clean slate, The way waste is buried Under a landfill, Promising not to ever again lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. With each snow flake at a time, In a restitutive nature, Restoring the love Its habitants pretend to still share…   It is […]


And Then the home rule                   For                   Or Even more than That                     Of the weakling If To  be cutting edge The desire             […]

People’s World Is Your World Is People’s World

What do you do When you don’t have a toilet? When you don’t have anything to eat? When your mouth is so dry it hurts to speak? When you have to kill to survive? What do you decide When you aren’t given a choice? Can you think? When you’re forced to become an animal, And […]

Annelere Sorun

  Cumartesileri hayat basittir Tabii gel de bunu anlat Asker bir babanin ogluna Anlatamazsin, agzina sozcukleri hapseder yasatilmis haksizliklar Dolandirirsin lafi, agzinda birseyler gevelersin hayata dair Hayat… Basli basina en buyuk ayiptir siirlerde Baska nerede olacak denir Ustu cizilir, yeri bos kalir Sanki yasam, onundeki arkasindaki sozlere dayatilir Annelere sorun, bu fedakarligi en iyi onlar […]


Your head’s turning in circles The world’s just as confused as to where it’s heading Tumultuous sky’s a perfect display of the turbulent times Even the hungry vultures can’t seem to know where to head Everywhere smells of blood Those who can’t find food are those eaten by the hungry — Safety is a pity […]