Been a while

The bickering, the jealousy, the ego

Like a kitten’s ball of wool

Rolling up and down

With strings untangling

Leading to the next day, anniversary

Upcoming birthday.

Makes you want to come back to the first thread in the end.


We are all guilty of a mistake,

That is why a mother

Loves her kid unconditionally

To give the kid a chance to love and accept another human being

While still innocent.


Growing up is nothing if not a heavy tread

That starts swiftly

With one small step after the other

In the house you grew up in

Running and hiding away here and there

From the ghosts next room that go under the bed at night.


The ghost stays around long after you stop running away from it

Even if it is locked inside your childhood room

Rumblings sound,

Louder as each step gets bigger

The critique is always there.

Tactfully sharp

To make it count.

From within,

From the person whom you love the most

Or both.


There are shields

No shell in the world can break

With no breaking points.

A challenge some take on

Or a given they rely on.

This is the part

Where everything goes.

The routine begins.

Ordinary beings doing ordinary things

With no decisions to be made.


The end everybody dreads.

Uncontrollable force of nature some call a stage

What choice can we talk of

Except for the dirtiest hand baring it all?

Otherwise, it is the existence of a common threat

Even if you are the best player in the world.