New York

You can always count on

The Empire State Building

To have someone

Flashing the camera

Taking pictures of the city,

The greatest city in the world,

As some call it.


In the past five years,

Many questioned

The greatness of the city,

Of its markets,

Of its people,

Of its liberty of conscious…


Every night

As the flashes start going off

At the top of the Empire State

To capture the perfect glimpse of the Empire State of mind

While at the same time being the very picture of it

I ask myself


What is so great about this city?

What did it change?

Who did it help?

What did it do that other cities have failed to do?


It didn’t help the helpless,

As much as it could have.

Didn’t save the world,

As much as it could have.

Didn’t solve the problems

That needed fixing.



Neither the city nor its population

Is to blame.

But, it is we

For calling it the greatest city in the world

Without pushing it

To realize its potential.

Maybe, it is we

Who are selling ourselves short

And blaming the system for it.