It is really too bad

I cannot choose to dream about

A strawberry ice cream cone


Dreams choose us and then

They float away

One by one



Then it is you

Under layers of days and nights

Breathing heavily

To find some air

To live your life

To create a dream

By which you can claim

A life of your dreams


Time surrenders

As emotions adrift

In the subtlety of its illusion


Dreams adapt to the emotions

Of the society

And drift

From the here and the now

Until they become

A blurry view

To be cherished

Sometime in the future

Always, sometime in the future


Life separates

The ones who dream about life

From the ones who put obstacles between themselves and life

And, call them dreams


What is in a dream anyway?

What does it do?

Can’t yours be as simple as strawberry ice cream?



On a hot beach day

A gigantic cone of creamy ice cream

Made up of fresh strawberries and some rum

Sitting before the bountiful ocean

Shadowing its free invitation

Attracts people

Like sun attracts the planets

Yet lets them feel their power


That is

The power of the ice cream

Liberating the luminous bodies

Turning around themselves

Freely dancing around this gigantic cone

On the soft, warm sand


Among friends and many laughter

You tuck your bare foot under the sand

And, vigorously splash some  in the air

The sunlight makes the particles sparkle right before they begin their fall

Eventually, some sparkling, hot sand lands on your eyes


It feels so real

Yet, at the same time

It is all very blurry