A Short Essay: My Thoughts On A Very Difficult Week

I always thought that not believing in love was the only sane and tough thing to do.

But, it is the opposite. It is a protection mechanism to refuse to believe in it. You are scared to get hurt.

Well, it is true- it hurts.

It hurts to learn that you are reliable to the person you love; it hurts to realize that you are better of sharing, better off being dependent than being independent even though you love your independence. 

It is okay to love someone more than you love your independence. It is okay to sacrifice. It is worth it. It opens your heart. It strengths your stamina to love more, to love bigger, to love better.

Some worry that it’s going to interfere with what you are meant to do in life. If you are smart enough, strong enough, ambitious enough, persistent enough, you are going to accomplish all you want to accomplish. With love, or without love. If you need to sacrifice your love for it, then maybe you are not meant to do that in the first place.

On the other hand, if it comes to that, be responsible for who you love and learn to let go. There needs to be a term for this behavior, what about “love multiplier”?

I used to equate love with silliness, and I used to think that it didn’t matter that much.

I was wrong. It is the most important aspect of life. Without it, life is unbearable. Without it, there is no hope; especially, if you don’t have a religion or another faith to fill your loneliness.

As we unfortunately saw in the Boston Marathon Bombings, its lack is pure cruelty. Its unity is what stands up for humanity. Its unanimity is what makes us stronger. The stronger its unity is, the less room there is for hatred.

My heart goes out for everyone who has been hurt due to the brutal acts of others.

I have more love, respect, and gratitude than ever for the men and women who fight for our safety every day, who train mercilessly to protect the peace, who sacrifice their lives for their love of country and of humanity…