Your head’s turning in circles

The world’s just as confused as to where it’s heading

Tumultuous sky’s a perfect display of the turbulent times

Even the hungry vultures can’t seem to know where to head

Everywhere smells of blood

Those who can’t find food are those eaten by the hungry

Safety is a pity for the fool

Compared to that date in 1944, in 1945, and in 1972

Or to that date in 1995, and in 2011

Today, the finger’s pointed at you

And at the fool standing next to you

Who is as small, as big

As intense, as shallow

As keen to death as you are

With one shot to the heart

You must come alive

As does the world

To this new beginning with all the more gas and dust

The pavements shaking, ideas bursting out

As the ghosts of marching squads

Blow up places and minds

In the most obscure portraits of the greatest artists

Against the conniving money mongers

Climbing up the ladder of success

Russians with their Sukhoi T-50 multirole fighter, Chinese with their J-20

The U.S. with their spending

You can see the second rising

The revolution is coming

It is here

Whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poor, educated, self-taught; straight, gay, bisexual, transvestite, asexual

I want you

All said here is a lie I said with passion and mercy

For those are required

At the hands of democracy

For me to claim my rights

At the end of the fucking revolution

For what’ll be left of me as a reformer will be another piece of the world peace

Dusting away under World War Three

In the e-books of history

With no political agenda

Slogans will not be enough to justify the pictures in the newspapers

For slogans are never enough