What’s to love?

I’m sorry I loved you

If you only knew

My love was never more than the morning dew

Ah it was like the old movies,

Felt like Breakfast at Tiffany’s,

The birds and the bees,

Romeo on his knees,

Pie in the sky,

What a lie!

It’s true it wasn’t love at first sight,

I just hope it was love of some kind.

Although I wasn’t happy,

Right next to you, I had nowhere to be,

Still I didn’t mean your heart to tear, your face to pale

Just came to the point where I didn’t care and had to sail.

I’m sorry I had to lie

I guess my heart just died

You can rhyme and chime and say you’re fine

Though I know it’s an empty line. 

So long my love, my lie and I

Let’s just say, all loves die.