I haven’t felt free for so long

That I now miss a feeling I can barely remember

That I’d felt in my body a long time ago

On a thorny battlefield

As I was searching for a sense in life 

Miserably not a pain I found

In the midst of war 

But a truly greater mystery,

The world-

The world of others

Others who were screaming for help, reaching their hands out to meet mine

And those who have met their destinies in my arms 

Turns out,

The world is so shaken that 

It’s no longer orbiting around the sun,

No more days or nights as we know it, 

No more continents, countries, or boundaries of any human kind

I don’t think she let anybody see her like this ever before,

So dangerously, fearlessly free 

Free out of any system, any orbit, any limit

Did she think she was excused, released?

From then on, nothing else made much sense

But the blue ocean water of the Pacific, and its wild waves

But the Mustang, running in a flash- loyal only to the wind  

But the fact that I wanted more, I had to have more

The West in me was dying for more.

And I,

I was dying even faster

On an empty green battlefield

I have gone mad.

Mad as an uncontrollable wave 

Coming to destroy our lives.

Knowing there is nothing else I can do to prevent a world of madness,

I suggest 

Run free with me

And be born again

To a better naked world.