Monthly Archives: February 2012

Play Along With Me

There are those whose lives are reasons Why others  Can be reminded  Of their own ordinariness And then, there is me.  I am the product of the social media I am the Person of The Year I am the blogger I am the creator of things  That only matter  To a new-born baby Who will […]

A Turkish Tercet About a Prostitute

Bir oz(g)ur fahiseye, Dua etmeyi ogrettim; Hicbir sey degismedi.                                                                   

What’s to love?

I’m sorry I loved you If you only knew My love was never more than the morning dew Ah it was like the old movies, Felt like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The birds and the bees, Romeo on his knees, Pie in the sky, What a lie! It’s true it wasn’t love at first sight, I […]


I haven’t felt free for so long That I now miss a feeling I can barely remember That I’d felt in my body a long time ago On a thorny battlefield As I was searching for a sense in life  Miserably not a pain I found In the midst of war  But a truly greater mystery, The […]