Don’t memories feel unfinished, like moments in time that can return to? At any time, no matter how much time has since passed. Advertisements

Does shit ever just happen?

Shit happens, I heard a young woman say to her friend I agreed, as I imagine you would too   But on some level, shit doesn’t just happen For every force, there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction A statement that at least sounds like something we should […]

Been a while

The bickering, the jealousy, the ego Like a kitten’s ball of wool Rolling up and down With strings untangling Leading to the next day, anniversary Upcoming birthday. Makes you want to come back to the first thread in the end.   We are all guilty of a mistake, That is why a mother Loves her kid unconditionally […]


If the catastrophe of war Is to play the game to lose, As the war is endless, Then, logic is the prison, And, freed is the man who fears defeat, As he bleeds fighting on the street.   In the battle of the sexes, The woman kisses her husband goodbye, Before she dresses up for […]

Oylesine Yasamak

Ne istedigini bileceksin Sabredeceksin sonra Kili kirk yaran bir inadin olacak   Bilgiyle, ustalikla donanacaksin  Her ne konuda olursa Bu konuyu en iyi ben bilirim diyeceksin her ne kadar bu dogru olmasa da    Vakit bulacak, tutacaksin sevdiklerinin ellerinden  Hayata sevgiyle tutunacaksin Kazandigini paylasacaksin    Yediginin, ictiginin degerini bileceksin Hele bir de ailen yanindaysa  Agladiginda […]

The New Turkish Democratization Package

To introduce the new Democratization Rights Package, Turkish PM Erdogan said, governments are temporary, civil society is permanent. As a society, we are going to continue to be together as a whole, respecting different ideologies and lifestyles, the prime minister reassured his people.    Erdogan’s words of harmony came nearly four months after the uprising […]

New York

You can always count on The Empire State Building To have someone Flashing the camera Taking pictures of the city, The greatest city in the world, As some call it.   In the past five years, Many questioned The greatness of the city, Of its markets, Of its people, Of its liberty of conscious…   […]